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Questions? Arrange a meeting with us!

You have a potential use case and want to see how we can support you in your daily work? All the different trends and the jungle of buzz words you hear are too confusing? Book a free discovery call.

Discovery Call

First we want to understand your ideas, challenges & requirements. In this initial call we will find out if both of us are the perfect match.

Solution Call

In the second call, we want to show you concretely and with real documents how semantha can help you. So that you have a solution proposal afterwards and only need a licence to start.

Go Live

Once the framework conditions have been agreed, we can get started straight away. Elevate your daily work with the invaluable assistance of semantha.

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If you do not wish to do this, please write to us and we will arrange an appointment with you by e-mail:

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We have written extraordinary success stories with some of our clients. You can read them here: Success stories.