Artificial intelligence
in auto
motive engineering.

In the automotive industry, specifications and requirements of your OEM customers have to be checked regularly under high manual effort and time pressure. In this process, there are often requirements that differ only slightly in content from projects that have already been completed – nevertheless, these must be read and evaluated again and again.

And this is exactly what we have developed our AI semantha® for: It understands text by its meaning, regardless of the choice of words – this is how you find the content you are looking for, no matter how it is formulated.

semantha® supports you in the processing of new requirement specifications and uses your historically already evaluated requirements including evaluations from the past. In just a few seconds semantha® has read through the new specifications and shows you the requirements that have already been evaluated in the past – regardless of the formulation. The double evaluation of requirements with identical content is now a thing of the past and you can invest the time gained in other important activities.



How our customers from the
automotive industry use semantha®

Requirement Classification

Historical, already evaluated requirement specifications form the basis for the allocation of unknown requirements to predefined criteria. The application semantha® Requirements comprises the semantic evaluation and automated classification of new requirements.

Risk analysis

semantha® also supports project engineers in identifying risk topics in documents.

Comparison of standards

semantha® takes the necessary comparison with internal and external standards (e.g. norms, applicable documents and industry standards) into account in the requirements analysis.

Framework agreements

Our customers from the automotive industry use our applications for a semantic version comparison of framework agreements, the review of updated delivery conditions, confidentiality agreements and tender or requirement documents.


The semantic analysis is carried out for a comparison of offers in different versions. Furthermore, offers are compared with the “letter of nomination”.

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An extract from our customers

Im Vergleich zu anderen KIs, ist die CO2-Bilanz von semantha® um ein vielfaches besser.

Das FORBES Magazin beschreibt uns mit den Worten "Hirn mit künstlicher Intelligenz".