Artificial Intelligence
for legal departments.

class actions / similar actions

You know the fundamental challenge of mass claims: You have to process the countless claims individually under high manual effort and time pressure. Although the subject matter is basically the same, the execution of the individual plaintiffs is unfortunately not congruent, but only “similarly” formulated. This makes it very difficult to automate the process so far and this is exactly where our software semantha® as Artificial Intelligence comes in!

semantha® understands natural language regardless of the choice of words. It is therefore able to read large amounts of text and find the content you are looking for – no matter how it was formulated.

Files in litigation

Companies often find themselves confronted with legal disputes. Before an appointed law firm can begin work and prepare a brief, all relevant information must be gathered. The search for the right documents and content relevant to the case takes a lot of time. Mostly you are looking for a specific context, but you do not know the exact choice of words. So you will find the right document and the section you are looking for only with a high manual search and reading effort.

And that’s exactly what we have developed our AI semantha® for: It understands text by its meaning, regardless of the choice of words – this is how you find the content you are looking for, no matter how it is formulated.

With semantha®, all documents are read and, regardless of the choice of words, understood and stored according to their meaning. When searching for a context, it not only indicates in which document the context can be found, but also the correct place within the document.



An extract from our customers

Im Vergleich zu anderen KIs, ist die CO2-Bilanz von semantha® um ein vielfaches besser.

Das FORBES Magazin beschreibt uns mit den Worten "Hirn mit künstlicher Intelligenz".