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Your Adaptive AI for
text-driven processes

Lots of text and documents determine your daily business? Great, the same goes for semantha. Team up. Let semantha do the processing and you can focus on the results.

80% of your enterprise data…

…is unstructured and therefore can’t be easily searched or analyzed. However, as long as this data remains inaccessible, it has no value for you and all important insights or potential risks stay hidden.

semantha unlocks valuable insights …

…across all your data by turning unstructured data into structured data. Combining different AI technologies, semantha derives meaning from the data and makes it accessible – without training or expensive fine tuning.

Ready to mine for various use cases.

You can quickly search, compare, or analyze the data – all in one customizable platform tailored to your needs. With these targeted results, you work efficiently and enable informed decision-making.


Retrace where results come from.


Use existing knowledge to adjust your results to your needs.

Data security

Host everything on-premises or in the cloud.

“Semantic tools have become fundamental for the Generative AI – Generative without semantic is too high risk and doesn’t scale well. Semantha has a clear competitive advantage with their strong semantic layer that can work with Generative AI ”

Anthony Mullen, VP Analyst at Gartner

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Checking insurance policies is now 40% faster.

“Up to 45% time savings when reviewing specifications.”

“2 hours instead of 20 days for the examination of interest clauses.”

“600 letters per day are routed to the right department at lightning speed.”

Get to know semantha

Where text-driven processes determine everyday work, the Adaptive AI semantha feels at home. It reads and understands large amounts of text in any language – no matter how it’s worded. semantha quickly and efficiently processes your information, highlighting only the most relevant and useful. That way, you can focus on what truly matters.

No training or machine learning needed.

Understands contents regardless of wording or language.

Built on years of experience in AI used by customers.

Ensures compliance with data security standards and GDPR.

Why customers love semantha

  • “Thanks to the preprocessing by semantha, we can give our customers feedback much faster. The repetitive processes have been minimized and our experts only have to deal with the core issues where human thinking is required.”

    Tim Martikke, Sales Contract Management at HELLA
  • “Thanks to the various categories, letters can be assigned directly to the departments to be processed without manual pre-sorting. […] This not only speeds up the delivery process immensely. Through automation, we can free up resources in the organisational units for the completion of other tasks.”

    Jörg Diebel, Personnel and Organisation Office of the City of Heilbronn
  • “The previous time-consuming review of our contracts and their documentation required 20 working days. The AI-based solution had done the same work in 2 hours. This resulted in a 98.75% reduction in the resources required for this – sensational!”

    Christian Murr, Division Manager Board Staff at Heidelberger Volksbank

    Solution for your industry


    Process new specifications based on your already evaluated requirements and quickly create high-quality quotes for your customers.


    Check risks against previously insured risks and internal guidelines to rapidly prepare a compelling offer for your customers.


    Analyze lawsuits based on similar allegation from earlier lawsuits and draft defense pleas much faster.

    Unlock your companies full potential

    • Risk minimization

      semantha can read many pages with pinpoint accuracy – without overlooking a critical point in the everyday hectic pace of life.

    • Cost saving

      Time is money – every minute you save, you can instead spend on generating value for your company. Faster processing saves you money, but also allows you to accept more tasks.

    • More efficiency

      Find the crucial places in documents with just a few clicks. No matter the industry, sematha helps accelerate time-consuming processes. This allows specialists to concentrate on their essential, value-adding tasks.

    • Scalability

      semantha is a state-of-the-art web service and scales according to your needs. It doesn’t mind reading 100 or 10,000 pages a day. The quality remains the same.

    • Explainable AI

      Traceable results are becoming increasingly import in the field of artifical intelligence. Unlike classic machine learning, semantha is not a black box: You alone define which topics are relevant.

    • Ready to use AI

      semantha can be used directly and doesn’t need to be fed with endless training data in advance, because it has extensive language knowledge. Of course, you can extend its knowledge with company-specific know-how.

    • Secure specialist knowledge

      By working with semantha, you automatically digitize the important know-how of experienced professionals. In this way, this knowledge is preserved for your company in the long term and can be used by future employees.

    Benefit from Adaptive AI

    Complex business processes require more than one solution. That’s why semantha combines multiple AI technologies to provide you with an all-in-one platform that that meets your needs holistically across the enterprise. Today and tomorrow.

    Have the features you need at your fingertips and be ready for upcoming challenges with a scalable architecture with low implementation effort.

    Customers and partners rely on us

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