Find content independent
of the wording.

Find relevant 
content independent
of the wording.

Our artificial intelligence semantha® understands natural language regardless of the choice of words. She is able to read large amounts of text and finds relevant content in seconds.


Ready 2 use.
No training needed.
Results from day one.


No code.
Usable by everyone.


No limitation in
industries & languages.

Your solution for text-driven processes

Show semantha® just a few examples of historical documents, checklists (hotspots) or expert knowledge to analyze content – independent of the wording:

Check and Validate Documents

Semantic Compare

out-of-the-box AI services for semantic processing of text and data extraction.

Classify and Cluster Documents

Semantic Search

The platform

Our platform semantha® provides flexible web services that you can use out-of-the-box for semantic processing of text documents and data extractions. Depending on the application, these services can be combined as desired. In many cases, one of our applications is already sufficient – for example, for a hotspot analysis or a direct comparison of documents. Furthermore, we make all analyses available via a standardized REST interface. With it, semantha® can be optimally used for your application and integrated into your process and IT landscape.

The semantha® Analyzer can search your entire documents for relevant topics (hotspots) and highlight all applicable areas in no time. The hotspots are specified by the user in any desired formulation.

The semantha® Compare user interface is used for the display and user-guided revision of a semantic comparison. Missing contents/paragraphs can be displayed directly or differences in the paragraphs can be displayed visually.

semantha® Requirements supports the evaluation of new specifications. Based on historical specifications semantha® takes over the classification of requirements, the identification of risks and the cross-reference to external standards and other applicable documents. 

Added value

More efficiency

Find the crucial places in documents for your company with just a few clicks. semantha® helps in various industries to accelerate time-consuming processes many times over. This allows specialists to concentrate on their essential, value-adding tasks.

Secure specialist knowledge

By working with semantha® you automatically digitize important know-how of experienced professionals. In this way, this knowledge is preserved for your company in the long term and can be used by future employees.


semantha® can be used directly and does not need to be fed with innumerable training data in advance, because it has extensive language knowledge. Of course you can extend their knowledge with company-specific know-how.

Explainable AI

Traceable results of artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important. semantha® is not a black box like classic machine learning. You alone define which topics are relevant.

Risk minimization

semantha® can “inhumanly” read many pages with pinpoint accuracy – without overlooking a critical point in the everyday hectic pace of life.


semantha® is a state-of-the-art web service and scales according to your needs. She doesn’t mind reading 100 or 10,000 pages a day. The quality remains the same.

We have
the answer.

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Compared to other AIs, the carbon footprint of semantha® is much better.

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