Check interest rate change clauses in savings contracts with artificial intelligence

“Interest rate change clauses in forms which grant the credit institution an unlimited power to change the interest rate in the case of long-term savings contracts are invalid.”

– Judgment from the German Federal Court of Justice of 17 February 2004 – XI ZR 140/03

The artificial intelligence semantha® supports German banks in checking existing savings contracts for invalid interest rate change clauses in order to be able to calculate and form appropriate provisions.

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The ruling described here and the associated case law currently only apply in Germany.

semantha® helps to precisely determine necessary provisions and thus realistically present the risk in the balance sheet. All this in a fraction of the time.

Determine provisions more precisely

Banks must set aside sufficient provisions to reflect the receivables risk in the balance sheet. Are your provisions sufficient or even too high?

Time saving

Until now, contracts have to be checked manually. An enormous time and financial effort.

“The previous time-consuming review of our contracts and their documentation required 20 working days. The AI-based solution had done the same work in 2 hours. This resulted in a 98.75% reduction in the resources required for this – sensational!”

Christian Murr, Divisional Manager of the Management Board of Heidelberger Volksbank

Check and evaluate savings contracts and form a provision.

The ruling of the German Federal Court of Justice of 17 February 2004 (XI ZR 140/03) and the confirmed case law of 6 October 2021 (ref. XI ZR 234/20) means that banks must check all premium savings contracts for interest rate adjustment clauses and whether corresponding claims by customers are not yet time-barred.
If so, the banks concerned must decide whether they want to contact the customers in order to reach an agreement. In addition, the formation of any provisions should also be examined in this context.

Every premium savings contract must be examined. This is time-consuming and laborious. Too high a provision distorts the balance sheet.

semantha® helps to check the savings contracts and evaluate their effectiveness. Because: Without a qualitative individual evaluation, no real provision formation is possible!

  • semantha® reliably determines the contract and customer number from the contracts and optimally outputs the results.
    Using the HotSpot function, semantha® immediately detects whether a premium savings contract is affected by the BGH ruling.

  • If the credit institution can adjust the interest rate of the savings contract individually (red), the contract has a loophole and is ineffective.
    If the interest rate is clearly shown or indicated (green), the contract is fully valid.

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