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semantha is the turbo for testing your specifications.
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In your industry, specifications, requirements and framework agreements of OEM customers have to be checked regularly with high manual effort and time pressure. The content of many requirements and clauses differs only slightly from those of projects that have already been completed – yet they have to be read and evaluated again and again.

And this is exactly where our AI semantha can help: It understands text based on its meaning, regardless of the choice of words – so you can find the content you are looking for, no matter how it is worded – out of the box and without extensive training with your data.

Specifications & requirements: semantha supports you in processing new specifications and uses your historical, already evaluated requirements for this purpose. In just a few seconds semantha reads through the new documents and compares them with your knowledge – regardless of the wording.

Framework contracts of OEM customers: semantha supports you in checking framework contracts. In just a few seconds, the content of contracts can be compared with each other and examined for specific clauses – regardless of the wording.

  • Time saving
    With semantha, our reference customers can save an average of 40% time in answering customer requirements and in checking framework agreements.

  • Cost saving
    Time is money – Every minute you save in your company you can spend on more value-added tasks. Not only do you save money on faster processing, you can also process and accept more requests.

  • Risk minimization
    Do you sometimes not have the possibility to check all customer documents in detail due to high time pressure? With semantha’s assistance you can increase your attention to detail and minimize potential risks.

You save on average 40% time.

Analysis of specifications and requirements:

HubSpot Automotive Rechner (EN)



Use the calculator below to find out your savings.


Analysis of OEM framework agreements:

HubSpot: OEM-Automotive Rechner (EN)



Use the calculator below to find out your savings.

100Doc. per customer
10Doc. per customer250Doc. per customer

Check now and check your savings.

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