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Be prepared for mass claims

Simplify your legal workflows with the help of AI and process pleadings and mass claims quickly.

When claims pile up and time runs out

As a large company, the risk of becoming the target of plaintiffs increases – especially when the media or consumer groups point out potential violations. Such matters can trigger waves of lawsuits by individuals or representative action. Even though pleadings often revolve around the same topics and correspondences are repetitive, you have to read, categorize, and process the related documents at great expense. This is because similar issues can be formulated in completely different ways or the plaintiff brings forth new arguments. In addition, you have to tediously search for certain content in claim documents or extract data manually.
  • These tasks require extensive manual effort and are time-consuming.
  • Details that are critical to decisions can be overlooked due to high time pressure.
  • Simple mistakes can cause very high costs.
Automation seems difficult as similar content is often worded differently?

semantha: Processing claims rapidly

For semantha, it doesn’t matter how issues are formulated – the AI understands text based on its meaning and context. This way, you can automatically analyze, compare, and categorize your pleadings – the perfect support to manage a large number of lawsuits efficiently.

Use knowledge from previous cases

Define specific content, such as complaints and arguments from previous cases, in your customized semantha library. Based on this knowledge, new incoming pleadings or lawsuits from different plaintiffs are automatically analyzed. So you can, for instance, identify already known allegations and instantly get the appropriate responses to address each of the plaintiffs’ allegations in your answer.

Compare versions of pleadings

semantha compares new incoming pleadings with already processed pleadings. It highlights similarities as well as modifications and differences. You can also see which passages are new or are missing compared to the reference document. This way, you can quickly see, if an argument has been dropped or added. Furthermore, you can easily export different formats, including configurable Excel and annotated PDF.

Get key insights

Relevant information is often buried in a vast amount of unstructured data, such as lawsuits, appendices, or judgements. With semantha, you can either search for a specific topic directly or enter a question of your choice. The AI mines your sources and finds the content you’re looking for. Thanks to the use of Large Language Models, you can also get a concise summary of the content.

Have it categorized

You can populate your semantha library with a few sample documents and key phrases. Based on this, semantha reads your new incoming pleadings and automatically assigns them to the corresponding category. For example, responses from plaintiffs or court correspondence can be easily classified and further processed.

Extract relevant information

To process your results further, define relevant data points and phrases you want to have extracted. semantha will then present all identified values in a clear and concise overview, allowing you to quickly review and analyze the results. You can retrace and verify each individual value within the document before you export the extracted information as an Excel file.

Stay ahead of your competition

With semantha, you have a one-click solution that let’s you get started right away – it’s ready in minutes and saves you months of time.
Increase efficiency through automation, drafting answer letters much faster within the given period of time.
Save costs by minimizing tedious manual reviews or categorizations and spend time on more value-adding tasks.
Reduce the risk of human error and ensure that all details are taken into account to prevent costly mistakes.
Make relevant content, such as lawsuits, answers, and judgements easily accessible and utilize information from previous cases.
Reduce the time you have to spend on cases before court days and prepare better with less effort.
Analyze Videos
Compare Documents
Find specific content
Extract Relevant Information

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