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Keep up with rules and laws

Meet the demands for accuracy and efficiency in compliance management and handle your activities with the help of AI.

Maintaining compliance is a burden

Compliance management is becoming increasingly important in today’s corporate world. It helps to protect your company from legal penalties and maintain trust and credibility with stakeholders. However, ensuring compliance can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, particularly in large organizations. Whether it’s laws, regulations, guidelines, or standards – staying up-to-date and establishing company-wide uniform rules is difficult.

Regulatory changes make it hard to keep track. You have to regularly review operations and policies to ensure they are in line with new rules – and you have to do it manually. In addition, it may be challenging for you to find the relevant compliance topics and policies because the wording varies.
  • These tasks require extensive manual effort and are time-consuming.
  • The risk of human error is high and can result in fines.
  • It’s difficult to stay current in an ever-changing regulatory environment.
How can you ease the compliance burden?

semantha: Navigating the complex compliance landscape

In the area of continually changing regulatory requirements, semantha helps you to have oversight of your business’s compliance matters. Thanks to the ability to understand text based on its meaning and context, it delivers both fast processing and a high reliability of the results.

Streamline your compliance duties

Check new data, such as documents, third party information, news feeds, etc. for compliance and better identify risks based on historical data and guidelines. This can, for instance, improve the due diligence of third parties. semantha helps you to ensure compliance activities are completed and that any misconduct is identified and managed.

Compare regulatory documents

semantha compares two or more versions of a document, but also any other type of document with each other. It highlights similarities as well as modifications, differences, and passages that were not found in the reference document. This way, you can check a new document version for relevant regulatory changes. Furthermore, you can easily export different formats, including configurable Excel and annotated PDF.

Draw compliance insights

Relevant compliance content is often buried in a vast amount of unstructured data, such as policies, directives, or standard operating procedures. With semantha, you can swiftly search through all your documents from different sources and find the relevant information you need. Thanks to the use of Large Language Models, you also can get a concise summary of the content.

Align compliance regulations

Stop having different regulations and rules for the same topics across your organization’s locations. Instead, develop and consolidate uniform, company-wide processes and regulations.

Stay ahead of your competition

With semantha, you have a one-click solution that let’s you get started right away – it’s ready in minutes and saves you months of time.
Increase efficiency through automated workflows, swiftly handling your compliance operations.
Save costs by minimizing tedious manual work and spend time on more value-adding tasks.
Reduce the risk of human error to prevent costly mistakes and improve your regulatory compliance and risk management.
Benefit from a uniform compliance knowledge base and improve transparency.
Analyze Documents
Compare Documents
Analyze compliance and sustainability matters

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