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Take your risk analysis to the next level

Compare and analyze your various documents – and check risks in an easy and efficient way.

Repetitive actions eat up your time

As an underwriter, you have to review extensive volumes of contracts and documents regularly. The biggest challenge: You have to do this manually. Special broker wordings, in particular, contain many unique agreements and are usually formulated quite individually. New incoming documents have to be checked in detail for undesirable risks under high time pressure. And in case of new specifications by reinsurers, you have to analyze entire portfolios for specific content and exclusions to avoid undesirable major losses.
  • These tasks require extensive manual effort and are time-consuming.
  • Under high time pressure, the risk of human error is high, as critical details can be overlooked.
  • Simple mistakes can cause very high costs in case of a insurance claim.
Automation seems difficult as similar content is often worded differently?

semantha: Second set of eyes for risks analysis

For semantha, it doesn’t matter how issues are worded – the AI understands text based on its meaning and context. This way, you can automatically analyze and compare documents and contracts. While semantha takes over your preliminary work, you can focus on more value‐adding tasks which require your full expertise as an underwriter.

Analyze based on your knowledge

Define topics or specific content, such as already accepted or rejected risks, guidelines, or reinsurer’s exclusions in your customized semantha library. Based on this predefined knowledge, new documents are automatically checked for you. So you can easily find missing contract clauses, identify terms that have not been approved in previous agreements, and evaluate risks of contract terms.

Compare content of documents

semantha compares two or more versions of a document, but also any other type of document with each other. It highlights similarities as well as modifications, differences, and passages that were not found in the reference document. For instance, you can compare wordings with your own standard conditions and detect significant deviations. Or you can compare the framework agreement you’re proposing to the broker with your competitors’ existing conditions.

Extract relevant information

To process your results further, define relevant data points and phrases you want to have extracted. semantha will then present all identified values in a clear and concise overview, allowing you to quickly review and analyze the results. You can retrace and verify each individual value within the document before you export the extracted information as an Excel file.

Stay ahead of your competition

With semantha, you have a one-click solution that let’s you get started right away – it’s ready in minutes and saves you months of time.
Increase efficiency through automation, swiftly reviewing documents and contracts and presenting customers a suitable offer quickly.
Save costs by processing your contracts faster with fewer resources and spend time on more value-adding tasks.
Reduce the risk of human error and ensure that all details are taken into account to prevent costly mistakes.
Set quality standards according to a common, uniform knowledge base, ensuring equal treatment of inquiries in the long term.
Analyze Documents
Compare Documents
Extract Relevant Information

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