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The semantha® Analyzer can quickly search through all your documents for relevant topics (hotspots) and highlight all relevant areas. The hotspots are predefined by the user in any desired formulation. If you wish, you can export the results as Excel or PDF file.


  • Marking of relevant text passages in the document

  • Direct display of found data points

  • Document type recognition based on various semantic analyses

  • Storing regular expressions

  • Export (e.g. to .xlsx) for further processing.

The semantha® Analyzer checks documents for relevant topics (“hotspots”) defined by the user. Thus semantha® reduces the effort of recurring checks with regard to certain criteria – independent of their respective formulation. Contract management, for example, benefits from this approach: The semantic analysis of new contracts by semantha® provides an immediate overview of the relevant contents (e.g. exclusion clauses). In addition, the user can define data points (e.g. a sum insured), on the basis of which semantha® automatically extracts values and makes them available for further processing in various formats.

In contrast to other approaches in the field of artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning), semantha® does not require a large amount of sample data to achieve reliable results. Depending on the topic, semantha® is ready for use after only a few formulation examples. The compilation of the mentioned formulations (e.g. variants of a cancellation clause) can be managed by the user himself. Thus, the setup of semantha® and the provision of expert knowledge remains in your own hands. In addition, by specifying the formulations, the analysis results can be tracked by the user at any time.


  • Automotive industry

  • Auditing

  • Construction industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Insurance industry

  • Tax consultancy

  • Legal

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    Compared to other AIs, the carbon footprint of semantha® is much better.

    The FORBES magazine describes us with the words "brain with artificial intelligence".