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semantha® Requirements supports the evaluation of new specifications. Based on previous specifications, semantha® takes over the classification of requirements, the identification of risks, and the cross-reference to external standards and other applicable documents. Through this input, the requirements process gains in efficiency and quality.


  • Import of requirements for semantic analysis

  • Configurable selection of data for analysis

  • Definition of the evaluation criteria

  • Display of the semantic matches

  • hit validation

  • Export (.xlsx) for further processing

The application semantha® Requirements comprises the semantic evaluation and automated classification of new requirements. Previous, already evaluated requirement specifications form the basis for the allocation of unknown requirements to predefined criteria. The selection of the relevant data set can be dynamically configured via semantha® and selected accordingly during the analysis. This makes it easier for area-specific subject matter experts to do their groundwork, for example by assigning object types, categories or internal references at request level. semantha® also supports project engineers in identifying risk topics in documents. semantha® also takes into account the necessary comparison with internal and external standards (e.g. norms, applicable documents and industry standards) in the requirements analysis.

semantha® comes with a selection of analysis strategies, which can be used flexibly depending on the application. Viewing and validation of the analysis is done via the user interface, where the references can be evaluated on different levels of abstraction. The export in Excel format allows further processing of the specifications and offers a preliminary connection to internal systems that manage the process.


  • Automotive industry

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Mobility

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