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Data Processing Agreement

If you use semantha for or with personal data, you are required by the GDPR to have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with thingsTHINKING in place. We offer the following standard DPA for all semantha users. Since the nature and of the processed data and the processing purpose varies between the different use cases, you need to have one agreement in place for each semantha Co-Worker. Therefore, we provide a framework DPA that covers the basics and and annex that’s signed for each Co-Worker.

You can sign the agreements here:

Downloads for Customers

Business Partner Code of Conduct

thingsTHINKING is committed to responsible and ethical business practices. This Business Partner Code of Conduct sets forth the principles and standards we expect our business partners to uphold. By aligning with this code, we can create a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership. Together, we will foster transparency, integrity, and social and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain.

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