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We believe in the power of
community & partnerships.

Use the benefits and capabilities of semantha to help your customers to achieve their business goals. Build, implement and sell solutions to accelerate your growth and enable your customers to successfully master digital transformation

Challenges in your IT projects?

Let’s enable digital transformation together as a team.

We’re here to help you to get the best customer success for your clients.

Through the semantha Reseller Program, partners and resellers have attractive options to distribute semantha and benefit from several added values. We want to train each partner through extensive onboarding materials so that semantha can be used in the best possible way and each customer can achieve the perfect results.

  • Join semantha Hub for Support & Training

  • Access to the comprehensive documentation
  • Get direct sales support from thingsTHINKING
  • Earn extra discounts for deal registrations & updates
  • Access to joint promotional materials
  • Special discount price for semantha Eval

  • Get customized technical support
  • Profit from joint case studies
  • Benefit from digital marketing and lead generation support
  • Dedicated Partner Manager

Our Distributor:


Not enough time & data to start a project?

semantha is your easy & risk-free solution. Within a 30 days PoC we find out how semantha will speed up your document processes. Compared to other AI solutions you don’t have to train & label hundreds of documents. You can use semantha out of the box with just a few examples.

Technical Requirements?

semantha is your fast & flexible solution. It takes a minimum of preparation time to use semantha in the cloud. You need a on-premise solution? Also possible! You want to integrate the possibilities of semantha in your processes? Use our variety of API-services.

Will I get support as a partner?
Our goal is to help you succeed! Within the first common projects we will enable you to get the best out of semantha for your customers. After your Partner Registration we are more than happy to onboard you into the semantha world.
What do I need to work with semantha?

Just a few problems with text in your it projects. Good news: You don’t need classical training data to get started, semantha can solve it out of the box.

Just call us or send an email – we are more than happy to help you!


Dr. Sven J. Körner

I’m here to help you.

Dr. Sven J. Körner

Managing Director or
directly book a meet.

Join our team and benefit from all the advantages of being a partner.

Business Case Insurance:


Current Process yearly: 1.7 Mio. €
Yearly SaaS semantha + Base Co-Worker: 153.000 €
Yearly Savings: 867.000 €
Professional Service: 20 days 

Additional Co-Worker:
Semantic Search
Product Informations

Current Process yearly: 960.000 €
Additional Co-Worker: 49.000 €
Yearly Savings: 431.000 €
Professional Service: 15 days 

➌ Additional
HR CV Matching

Current Process yearly: 400.000 €
Additional Co-Worker: 49.000 €
Yearly Savings: 120.000 €
Professional Service: 5 days

Business Case Automotive:

➊ Base

Current Process yearly: 1.27 Mio. €
Yearly SaaS semantha + Base Co-Worker: 138.000 €
Yearly Savings: 412.000 €
Professional Service: 20 days

HR CV Matching

Current Process yearly: 400.000 €
Additional Co-Worker: 49.000 €
Yearly Savings: 120.000 €
Professional Service: 5 days 

Customers and partners rely on us

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