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Classify and cluster

Categorize your documents or cluster your unstructured information at the click of a button.

The challenge

If you have a large amount of unstructured textual data, it’s very time-consuming to find out which topics are covered and organize the data in a meaningful way. Furthermore, many documents, such as correspondence, have to be read and categorized on a daily basis before they can be processed by the responsible person.

The solution

With semantha, you bring structure to your large amounts of text or your incoming documents. In case you don’t have any prior knowledge about the information contained in the documents, semantha identifies semantically meaningful topics and groups paragraphs accordingly. Using Large Language Models, topic clusters can be summarized to give you an overview of their content. You can easily see how the topics are distributed across documents, and gain insights into their content.

Beyond that, you can populate your semantha library with a few sample documents and key phrases. Based on this prior knowledge, semantha reads your new documents and categorizes them for you to ensure faster processing. Relevant information can also be detected and extracted.
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