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Your AI for reinsurance documents

Analyze entire contract portfolios, compare documents in your renewal processes, and transfer crucial clauses into your system with ease – in any language.

The challenges of reinsurers

Reinsurance companies and their underwriters bear a substantial manual burden as they consistently review extensive volumes of contracts and documents.
  • Since the contracts are renewed annually, you need to thoroughly compare the versions to identify crucial differences.
  • You need to manually transfer important clauses to your DMS/CRM.
  • Ongoing reviews of entire contract portfolios are essential due to evolving laws, emerging regional risks, or modified internal regulations.
  •  It requires a high manual effort and is time-consuming.
  • Risk of human error as important details can be overlooked.
  • Simple mistakes can cause costs in the millions.
Different wording makes automation impossible?

semantha: Simplifies your reincurance prosesses

semantha automatically analyzes your contracts and finds the content you’re looking for – no matter how it’s worded and where it’s located in the document.

Renewal comparison with Excel export

semantha compares old and new contract versions and highlights both differences and passages that were not found in the reference document. If required, it will also find matches on a semantic basis and compares large amounts of documents 1:n. You can export different formats, including Excel and annotated PDFs. 

Import of clauses and data points into your DMS/CRM

You can define topics in your customized semantha library. On this basis, semantha automatically checks new contracts for relevant content. Important clauses are detected and data points extracted so that they can be transferred directly to your CRM.

Risk analysis

Analyze contract portfolios and identify clauses affected by changes in internal policies or legislation. Find both high-risk clauses (no-gos) and important missing contract clauses (must-haves). You can also extract relevant data points from documents and process them further.

Stay ahead of your competition

With semantha, you have a one-click solution to start right away – ready in minutes and saves you months of time.

Increase efficiency through automation, swiftly providing customers with suitable solutions.
Save costs by processing your contracts faster with fewer resources and spend time on more value-adding topics.
Reduce the risk of human error and ensure that all details are taken into account to prevent costly mistakes.
Set quality standards with a uniform knowledge base to ensure equal treatment of inquiries in the long term.


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