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Search, find, and summarize

Search through all your information and find the relevant content in a fast and efficient way.

The challenge

Specific information is often buried in a vast amount of text, that is scattered across multiple sources, knowledge bases, and departments. Searching this unstructured data is an overwhelming task and very time-consuming – because standard search functions often fail to consider the meaning and context of the information you’re looking for.

The solution

With semantha, you can swiftly search through all your documents and find the relevant content you need – based on its semantic meaning and context. Using Large Language Models, the AI also summarizes search results and underlying content for you.

semantha centralizes your information from different sources in one place and turns your unstructured data into searchable, structured data thanks to semantic fingerprinting. You can either search directly in semantha, or you can seamlessly operate in your primary system while still harnessing semantha’s full feature set via an API.
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