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Whitepaper for insurers:

Raising quality, reducing effort –
Text review has never been easier for insurers.

As an insurer who specialises in the industrial/manufacturing segment and deals with major brokers, you know what it’s like to work in a fiercely competitive market. It’s a market where those who can process and manage vast quantities of documents the fastest, come out on top. You have to master not only quantity, but also quality and time – a feat seemingly requiring superhuman abilities.

You probably already use a number of helpful tools to spare as much time and effort as possible when assessing risks. But your expertise and your time are valuable. What if you could use both at the same time, even more efficiently? What if it were possible to reliably automate the review of sizeable chunks of text?

In this paper, we want to show you just how next-gen AI makes this possible. How it makes your job as an insurer easier. And what specifically you can do to make this happen.

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    That’s in it for you:

    • Part 1: A sprint through the wasteland of everyday insurance texts. The three biggest challenges facing insurance underwriters
    • Part 2: Artificial intelligence today – an overview What is AI and how can insurers leverage this technology
    • Part 3: Next-gen artificial intelligence – the solution to challenges faced by insurance companies. semantha – the groundbreaking wording review tool.
    • Part 4: How semantha is changing insurers’ lives. Fast, Easy, Flexible – semantha works “out of the box”

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