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Administrations ignite the turbo with artificial intelligence

Hundreds of external letters arrive at the post office of a medium-sized city every day. Most of the enquiries demand a prompt response to their request.

The mailings have to be sifted through and assigned to the right department. This takes time and the mountain of letters continues to grow every day. It is not uncommon for it to take several days before the submissions land on the right desk of the umpteen organisational units and can finally be processed.

semantha can help to create a time saving of sometimes two working hours per day – and that for each organisational unit.

Automating incoming mail

The administration of the city of Heilbronn plans to speed up its incoming mail by means of intelligent automation. All submissions are to be digitised and land directly on the right desk with the help of semantha.
The administration digitises the incoming letters and stores them in its cloud. semantha scans the incoming folder, reads and understands it and moves it to the right place.

Connection to own cloud solution

The connection of semantha to Nextcloud, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Workspace, various other cloud solutions or document management systems (DMS) is possible without any problems.

Time saving

Until now, all postal deliveries had to be sifted by hand and assigned to the correct department. semantha takes over this task – in seconds.
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