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Check and validate

Automatically analyze your documents and check them for relevant topics and content with ease.

The challenge

Whether contracts, requirements, policies, or other documents – reading and reviewing large amounts of text regularly can be very tedious and time-consuming. However, to ensure the presence or absence of specific topics in your documents, having an eye on detail is important as similar content is often worded differently.

The solution

With semantha, you automatically analyze a large number of documents on a semantic level. You can define topics or specific content, such as must-haves or no-gos, in your customized semantha library. Based on this predefined knowledge, new documents are automatically checked using semantic fingerprints. An overview where paragraphs are highlighted allows you to easily review and verify topics, detect missing passages and reveal content that is set as a no-go. You can also download your results as an annotated PDF or export extracted data as an Excel file.
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