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Simplify your ESG reporting

Analyze your unstructured textual data and identify qualitative ESG-relevant topics to ensure consistent, traceable, and auditable reporting.

The challenges of ESG reporting

Companies within the scope of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) are required to report comprehensively on their sustainability activities.

Relevant ESG data is scattered across a large and diverse amount of unstructured textual documents from various company-wide sources.
  • Sifting through all your information takes a lot of time, money, and resources.
  • You have to ensure consistency, traceability, and auditability of your report.
  • You have to be compliant with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).
So how and where do you start?

semantha: The key to your ESG reporting

semantha automatically analyzes your unstructured information and finds ESG-relevant content on a semantic level. So that you can focus on the results.

Your competitive edge

With semantha, you have a one-click ESG solution to start right away – ready in minutes and saves you months of time.

Get an overview of which ESRS topics are covered and which are not. Use this as starting point.

Save costs by creating your report faster with fewer resources.

Reduce the risk of human error or bias and ensure that all details are taken into account to create an accurate report.

Be compliant with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards and avoid sanctions.

How you get started

Discovery Call

In a non-binding conversation, we’ll find out which process steps around the topic of ESG tie up the most resources in your company and how you can accelerate your workflows and save costs with semantha. You will also receive information on technical usage options, available contract durations, and pricing.

Solutions Call

Let’s get real: Using your documents, we’ll show you how quickly and easily you can analyze content with semantha, find relevant topics, and thus create the perfect basis for your ESG processes. We will also show you how to embed semantha into your workflow.

Ramp Up

Woohoo! You chose semantha. Our Professional Services Team will help you get off to a successful start. The team will also be your touchpoint for the entire duration of your contract.


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