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Automatically analyze your documents and check them for relevant content with just a few clicks.

Don’t want to overlook critical details in your documents?

Ensuring the presence or absence of specific content in documents is a crucial part of working with contracts. This is where the semantha Analyzer unleashes its full potential. It combines the power of semantic analysis with the extraction engine, showing you results within the familiar context of your document. Find no-gos, must-haves, or other hotspots – based on your predefined knowledge, or extract values relevant to your use case.

semantha Analyzer points out what matters

Create your knowledge base

Let semantha know which information is pertinent to you by creating hotspots in your customized library. This can be for instance must-haves or no-gos, like high-risk clauses. Tags and categories also help to structure the entries and can be enriched with metadata such as comments and color highlighting. Each hotspot represents a specific text passage and is used to perform a very targeted analysis.

Verify identified hotspots

Scroll through your new document and check the highlighted passages that semantha has found based on your library hotspots. The category view is available to help you navigate through the hotspots in an even more structured way. Furthermore, you can investigate which expected topics are missing in the document or which topics you need to make sure are not present.

Share seamlessly

Once you’re finished going through the document, you can export the results as an annotated PDF file along with any comments and the same color coding. This allows you to effortlessly disseminate the findings among colleagues or transfer them into other systems.

Extract relevant data

To process your results further, define relevant data points and phrases you want to have extracted. semantha will then present all identified values in a clear and concise overview, allowing you to quickly review and analyze the results. You can retrace and verify each individual value within the document before you export the extracted information as an Excel file.

See how it works

Analyze documents
Extract relevant information

Use case check and validate

Dive a little deeper. Find out more how semantha’s Analyzer helps you face the challenges in your business and get to know corresponding specific use cases.

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