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Give your document processes in d.velop an AI boost

Compare and analyze your documents to see relevant differences and content at a glance – directly on the d.velop platform.

Worried about missing crucial changes in your documents?

Automatically comparing text using character string or keyword matching is already a great time saver. But what if the wording in your documents is different? semantha is your AI service on the d.velop platform that goes beyond simple string comparison and analyzes your documents on a semantic level. From contracts or regulations to requirements – with semantha, you can easily compare versions of a document, but also compare different types of documents with each other to never miss important changes.

semantha – your AI service when meaning matters

While d.velop serves as a comprehensive solution to support your document management and digital processes, semantha seamlessly integrates as an AI service. You can harness it’s semantic capabilities and benefit from AI-based features within your accustomed working environment to increase productivity and make your work easier.

Work in your familiar environment

Easily select the documents directly from your files in d.velop and start the comparison with only one click. semantha then takes over and automatically provides you with the results.

Compare text with no limits

The AI handles different document structures and wordings with ease. Click on a paragraph and the corresponding passage in the other document is highlighted – even though the wording and location are different.

Get highlighted results

semantha pinpoints similarities as well as modifications, differences, and passages that were not found in the reference document. Thanks to the color coding, the results are presented clearly and concisely, helping you to navigate through the passages and jump to the ones that are of particular interest to you.

Dive into the details

The similarity score signifies how high the semantic match between two paragraphs is. If required, you can see the exact differences between two passages and check relevant changes. For an even clearer summary, you can switch to text view and see your document split into individual paragraphs.

Focus and verify

The statistics give you a quick overview of the comparison results. If you want to focus entirely on relevant content, you can set a filter. For instance, hide all unchanged passages and check only modified and new passages. Quickly check paragraphs off once you’ve verified them or add a comment.

Share seamlessly

Export your comparison result at any time. You can download it as both PDF and configurable Excel file including comments and the same color coding. This allows you to effortlessly disseminate the findings among colleagues or transfer them into other systems. 

See how it works

Compare documents

Take your document processes to the next level

Semantic comparison is just the beginning. semantha offers further powerful AI features that automate your document-based processes and will be continuously integrated in the d.velop platform.

Search, find, and summarize

Search through all your information and find the relevant content in a fast and efficient way.

Classify and cluster

Categorize your documents or cluster your unstructured information at the click of a button.

Check and validate

Automatically analyze your documents and check them for relevant topics and content with ease.

How you get started

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We’ll briefly discuss your use case and quickly set up the best solution for you.

You’ll get access to semantha and can integrate the app in d.velop.

You’re ready to give your document processes an AI boost.

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