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Semantic comparison

Uncover similarities, differences, and previously unknown content in your documents within seconds.

The challenge

When you regularly have to review incoming documents or other types of text, you often need to minutely compare old or approved versions with new ones to identify crucial differences. This is time-consuming and risky, since small errors can cause high costs. However, automation seems difficult as similar content is often worded differently and most tools don’t understand semantic variations.

The solution

With semantha, you compare two or more documents, not only via character string or keyword matching, but with a meaning- and context-based approach.

Context for paragraphs is determined based on the document structure you define. This leads in even better comparison results. semantha not only identifies similarities, even if the wording is different, it also highlights modifications, differences, and passages that were not found in the reference document. For further processing, you can easily export your results as an Excel file or annotated PDF.
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