Simplify your ESG reporting

Find relevant ESG content in a large amount of unstructured textual data quickly and easily – no matter how it’s worded.

The challenges of ESG reporting

Many companies have to provide information about their economic situation and future developments. However, reporting is extremely time-consuming and risky.

Regulatory guidelines

In January 2023, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) took effect. Companies are now obligated to report comprehensively on their sustainability activities. Around 49,000 companies in the EU are affected. In order to increase the transparency and comparability of the reports, compliance with the “European Sustainability Reporting Standards” (ESRS) will have to be ensured soon. Preparing the reports in accordance with the new guidelines requires a lot of manual work.

Natural language as a starting point

The basis of many work processes is natural language: documentation, training materials, work instructions, interview notes, etc. are stored in text form – often even in multiple languages. Every day, these documents have to be examined for specific content. The “classic” keyword-based search is tedious and often does not deliver the desired results.

Organizational challenges

Relevant ESG data is scattered across a large and diverse amount of unstructured textual data from various company-wide sources and is available in a variety of formats, e.g., email inboxes, contract management tools, or document repositories. Constant staff turnover can lead to the loss of tacit knowledge – e.g. where to find which information. Searching manually costs a lot of time and resources.


Violating legal requirements is risky. Incorrect or incomplete reporting carries the risk of significant sanctions. Section 331 of the German Commercial Code already includes penalties such as imprisonment and fines for corporate bodies. There is also the threat of competition violations and reputational damage.

semantha®: The key to your ESG reporting

semantha® automatically analyzes your unstructured documents for you and finds ESG-relevant content on a semantic level. So that you can concentrate on the results.

Your competitive edge

Grasp the opportunity

  • Reduce the risk of sanctions and reputational damage.
  • Identify room for improvement in your sustainability management quickly and easily.
  • Use semantha® as a tool to enhance your business performance.

Benefit from semantha®

  • Increase the accuracy and speed of reporting.
  • Save costs and free up resources.
  • Counteract the shortage of skilled workers with the help of semantha®.

Gain potential

  • Increase your attractiveness to investors and stakeholders with sound reporting.
  • Improve your employer branding thanks to smart ways of working.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions thanks to intelligent knowledge management.

How you get started

Discovery Call

In a non-binding conversation, we’ll find out which process steps around the topic of ESG tie up the most resources in your company and how you can accelerate your workflows and save costs with semantha®. You will also receive information on technical usage options, available contract durations, and pricing.

Solutions Call

Let’s get real: Using your documents, we’ll show you how quickly and easily you can analyze content with semantha®, find relevant topics, and thus create the perfect basis for your ESG processes. We will also show you how to embed semantha® into your workflow.

Ramp Up

Woohoo! You chose semantha®. Our Professional Services Team will help you get off to a successful start. The team will also be your touchpoint for the entire duration of your contract.

How we support you

Our team

Our team consists of data scientists, business people, AI researchers, software architects, and lawyers who develop interdisciplinary solutions for our customers. Among them is Dr. Sven J. Körner, who is one of the world’s leading AI researchers.


Our award-winning platform semantha® is the result of more than 15 years of AI research. This makes us one of the most forward-looking AI vendors in the field of natural language processing and natural language understanding.

Our experience

We owe our wealth of experience not only to tireless work, but also to our customers and we’re proud of our many prestigious references. We also continually learn more through cooperation with our partners. We incorporate the insights we gain directly into the development of our products and our consulting.


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