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New specifications, requirements, and framework agreements from customers must be reviewed regularly with a great deal of manual effort and time pressure. In this process, there are often requirements and clauses that differ only slightly in content from those from projects that have already been completed – nevertheless, they have to be read and evaluated again and again.

semantha® supports you in processing new specifications or contracts and uses your historical, already evaluated requirements and agreements for this purpose. In just a few seconds semantha® reads through the new documents and compares them with your knowledge – regardless of the wording. The double evaluation of requirements and clauses with identical content is thus a thing of the past and you can invest the time gained in other important activities.

You save on
average 45% time.

Requirement classification
Historical, already evaluated requirements specifications form the basis for the assignment of unknown requirements to predefined criteria. The semantha® Requirements application includes semantic evaluation and automated classification of new requirements.
Review of framework agreements
Our customers in the mobility industry use our application for semantic version comparison of framework agreements, verification of updated terms of delivery, confidentiality agreements and tender/requirement documents.
Alignment of standards
The necessary comparison with internal and external standards (e.g. norms, applicable documents and industry standards) is taken into account by semantha® during the requirements analysis.
Risk analysis
Likewise, semantha® supports project engineers in identifying risk topics in documents.
Offer comparison
Semantic analysis is performed for comparison of bids in different versions. In addition, offers are compared with the “letter of nomination”.

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