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CV matching: Finding The best Candidates With One Click

Every day counts. In recruiting, this is especially true. Vacancies cause high monthly costs and hinder company growth. That’s why most HR departments use application management systems to organize their processes as efficiently as possible. So far, only few companies use artificial intelligence in their recruiting software. That’s surprising as AI solutions like semantha® not only speed up the process but are superior to conventional applications in many regards. 

Top candidates fall through the cracks 

Not even one minute – that’s the average time HR employees spend to sift through an applicant’s CV if they work without automation tools. Sending confirmations of receipt, rejections and invitations can be largely automated and give employees more time to read and review applications. But which candidates are worth getting on the shortlist? This decision is still time-consuming. 

So-called matching tools can search applications or digital personnel files for certain criteria (skills, degrees, certifications, etc.). But until now, their methods are prone to errors and their results are often inaccurate. 

These applications can reliably detect specific terms in digital files such as applications or personnel forms, but as soon as a skill or qualification is worded differently, which is often the case, the software fails. That is particularly problematic as applicants who are well-suited for a job but use synonyms to the defined keywords to describe their qualification fall through the cracks. 

Another shortcoming of these applications: They an only handle a limited amount of data. In case of corporate groups, which often manage many 100,000 personnel files, the analyses can no longer be carried out reliably. That’s why companies might overlook top inhouse candidates and launch unnecessarily cost-intensive recruiting to find talent on the market. It’s understandable that many HR employees therefore have ignored these matching tools until now. However, we are witnessing a slow change.

AI matching tool: semantha® is different

With semantha®, we have developed an AI tool that overcomes the weaknesses of conventional matching tools. The application does not compare whether certain keywords are used in files, but reads the documents on a meaning level. And it does so within minutes. Let’s look at an example. 

If you are trying to fill a role for a German web developer, then semantha® will show you job applications that not only have the word developer in them but also show the words Entwickler. The solution will also list personnel files with certificates from coding bootcamps or knowledge of Ruby on Rails, even if the word web developer doesn’t appear in the file. 

There are other AI tools that use Natural Language Processing (NLP), but their quality varies significantly. For users, this means that many smart CV matching tools require users to train the AI for months, i.e. check results manually which is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

semantha®, however, needs no training to reliably attribute synonyms and whole phrases to the right topics. All it takes are a few examples to configure the software and get it ready for use. 

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CV Matching – More than a speed advantage.  

Find the best 10 candidates among 500 and more applications? No problem for semantha®. “Just in time” to find out if the required know-how for a new business initiative is not available internally after all or if you can reactivate a candidate from your talent pool? Done just as quickly. 

Artificial intelligence not only speeds up the process but also injects more objectivity. Factors such as race, religion or appearance, which consciously or unconsciously play a role when humans review personnel sheets and resumes, do not influence AI. It decides solely based on facts and qualifications – and thus creates equal opportunities. 

If AI does a pre-selection of candidates, you gain more time for personal interviews and a more carefully assessment of social skills such as leadership, empathy and teamwork. And AI will not be able to judge whether a candidate’s personality fits well into your team and whether he or she authentically lives the company’s values, not even many years from now. 

At a glance: Advantages of semantha® 

  • Ranking of top applicants at the push of a button
  • Overview of the best internal candidates for any skills 
  • More objective selection of candidates
  • Speed up selection process by up to 50%
  • More time for interviews to ensure personal fit

Skepticism is good, fears are unfounded

As workloads increase, so does the desire for relief through smart AI solutions. Powerful CV matching tools can significantly lighten the workload. With their help, HR managers can focus again on what should be at the heart of their job: communicating with and supporting people. 

However, advertising promises should be taken with caution. After all, there are serious quality differences between AI applications that are difficult for users to spot. We therefore recommend that you book an online demo of various tools and do your due diligence on the provider before you make a final buying decision. Feel free to send us a message if you would like to see semantha® in action. No strings attached. 

The fears that job openings might soon be filled by autonomous machines are unfounded. These scenarios are pure science fiction. semantha® makes suggestions and follows a “human in the loop” approach. Humans are and stay responsible for making job decisions. After all, everyone knows that the best candidate for a position is not always the one with the best resume.

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