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Handshake with the future: The symbiosis of two leading technologies

Take a few inefficient document workflows – as they exist in almost every company – the most sought-after RPA provider on the market, and combine it with our semantic platform, which supports human skills, and you have a rockstar workflow. This saves time, costs, and nerves.

It all sounds too good to be true – supposedly complex technologies, from which many keep their distance – suddenly seem simple and easy to integrate. EXACTLY that is possible today and no longer the future. From experience, there often is no all-embracing perfect solution for complex processes, as the requirements of each individual are far too individual. It will mostly be an interplay of different providers who are, however, specialists in their field. 

Make the interaction perfect! What happens when you combine two of the most advanced technologies? 

As an UiPath® Advanced Technology Partner, we always strive to generate the best possible benefit for the customer, which is achieved in many ways by combining UiPath Studio and our semantha® platform. UiPath® as an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) leader can not only provide an enormous advantage in times of COVID and, in this case, even contribute to fighting a pandemic. For example, UiPath® was able to help automate and thus shorten waiting times for test results, or support the processing of 10 times the order quantities of disinfectants. These are just a few recent examples, but beyond these, RPA can optimize many processes that involve text documents.

Automated processing of text documents is one side of the coin, but being able to understand and analyse the content is the other side. And this is where our semantha® software comes into play. It can semantically analyse the contents of documents and thus, for example, find frequently searched passages in documents regardless of the wording and, based on the results, extract further texts or transfer a sense-dependent further processing to UiPath®

This is only an extract of what is possible through symbiosis, the real art now lies with the human being to match the transfer to his own environment and the challenges in his company. We have shown how this can look, for example, together with UiPath® in a webinar.


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