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Leverage the full suite of AI technologies

80% of your enterprise data is unstructured and therefore can’t be easily searched or analyzed. Just think of the untapped potential and hidden risks. This is where semantha sorts things out. The Adaptive AI unlocks valuable insights across all your data by turning unstructured data into structured data. Combining different AI technologies, semantha derives meaning from the data and makes it accessible – ready to mine for various use cases. Quickly search, compare, or analyze the data – all in one customizable platform tailored to your needs.

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Requirements knowledge where you need it

Using the powerful combination of your RMS and the Adaptive AI semantha, you can harness existing knowledge from previous customer projects and efficiently analyze new requirements.

semantha extension for Polarion
Analyze compliance and sustainability matters

The key to your ESG reporting

Analyze your unstructured textual data and identify qualitative ESG-relevant topics to ensure consistent, traceable, and auditable reporting.

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