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From the classroom to the digital age: AIEDN lays the cornerstone for personalized learning with Artificial Intelligence

A milestone for artificial intelligence (AI) in education has been reached with the successful completion of the AIEDN research project. Stuttgart Media University, thingsTHINKING GmbH from Karlsruhe and maths YouTuber Daniel Jung joined forces to improve individual learning through artificial intelligence. The research report, which is now freely accessible, provides detailed insights into the progress made and the forward-looking integration of AI into educational processes.

Semantic AI learning assistant: focus on efficiency and individuality

A central component of the project was the development of a semantic AI learning assistant. This innovative tool enables learners to enter their questions in everyday language and provides targeted answers from an extensive pool of educational content. The semantic AI learning assistant leverages Semantha and links learners’ questions directly to relevant sections in educational videos. This ensures the use of verified sources of information and makes the learning process more efficient and personalized at the same time.

Extensive scientific study and its results

An extensive study involving 275 students in Baden-Württemberg investigated the effectiveness of the AI learning assistant. Prof. Dr Jürgen Seitz from the Institute for Applied Artificial Intelligence (IAAI) at HdM Stuttgart, who led the scientific part of the study, emphasized that the AI learning assistant can bring about significant improvements in the short and long-term learning performance and motivation of students. The study results are freely available in the full research report “AI Video Assistants: The Future of Learning?” (German) on the IAAI website. 

“We were able to demonstrate a sustained positive learning effect in the students who previously had the AI support.”

Jürgen Seitz, Hochschule der Medien

Application areas and value creation potential in a professional context

In addition to the school sector, the potential of the AI learning assistant in the corporate context was also explored. Experts emphasised the advantages in knowledge exchange and in-company training. The results of this expansion are presented in detail in the research report.

Try out AIEDN AI learning assistant

Thanks to ongoing optimizations during the AIEDN project, the AI learning assistant now not only offers intelligent video analyses, but also covers other media formats. Try the current development status of the AI learning assistant free of charge at

Funding through Invest BW

The project was supported by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism as part of the Invest BW innovation funding program. The efficient use of resources not only led to rapid project progress, but also emphasizes the future possibilities of AI applications in the education sector.

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