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Corporate Compliance

Elaboration and consolidation

semantha® helps you with the necessary development and consolidation of uniform, company-wide rules and regulations.

Review of changes

semantha® helps you to immediately recognise which regulatory changes there have been in new documents since the last version.

Risk identification

Based on old, historical data, semantha® improves your risk identification – for an even more successful future.

These use cases might also interest you…

Support due diligence

Support in the due diligence of third parties. The aim is to assess the compliance risk associated with the target company on the basis of historical as well as procedural and structural circumstances in the target company.

Semantic Search

semantha® reduces the effort of recurring checks with regard to certain criteria – regardless of their respective formulation. Perfect for a search within the valid guidelines for the respective employees.

Stock overview

By extracting the existing content, semantha® creates an inventory of the current regulations in no time at all – and always up to date.


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